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Kratom Capsules, Powders & Teas – Discover the different Kratom products

    Once upon a time, you had two options as to how to enjoy your Kratom; you could either pick and chew on a kratom leaf from a Mitragyna speciosa tree, or you could boil down the leaf into a tea. Today this famous Southeast Asian herb is available in a number of different forms; read on to learn more about the four primary types of  Kratom products we  offer at Kratom Virtue and how to use them properly.   Plain Leaf Powder Simple leaf Kratom Powder is Kratom’s most basic type, and is closest to its original cultural roots. Our farmers simply harvest, dry, grind and batch-mix fresh kratom leaves to make this powder. The plain-leaf powder is most cost-effective and flexible of our kratom products.   The plain leaf powder can be used in a number of ways, from Kratom soaps to Kratom incenses and beyond, according to Kratom enthusiasts around the world.  Although the Kratom products sold at Kratom Virtue are not sold for ingestion, we have worked hard to provide the widest and most comprehensive range of possible varieties; from premium favorites like Maeng Da and Red Bali to lesser-known gems like White […]

Risks of Cheap Kratom

Many people are looking to purchase cheap Kratom, and there’s nothing wrong with that – who doesn’t like saving money on things? However have you ever purchased something cheap, believing you made a wise decision, only for the product to fail you in some way ultimately? Many people desire instant gratification but neglect potential negative […]